Welcome to True Strength! 

My name is Sarah and I'm happy to offer my space to you in accordance with the government by-laws related to Covid.

April 2021: I am permitted to rent to high-performance athletes ONLY.

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I offer a completely private, fully-sanitized place to workout as an individual. 

•Online booking and payment

•Self check-in 

•15 minute window between sessions

•Lysol wipes, disinfectant spray, hand sanitizer & masks provided.

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TRAINERS: offer your clients a quiet and safe one-on-one experience. 

Or, provide the space to your client to use for their Zoom training session. 

They will have access to a wide variety of equipment including:

• 2 squat racks with 500lbs of plates

• 2 benches 

• 5 to 50lb dumbells 

• commercial cable machine

• 2 Bosu

• 4 sizes of stability balls

• battle ropes

• 10 to 35lb medicine balls 

• skipping ropes

And much more!

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INSTRUCTORS: here's an opportunity to offer a Zoom class with a professional backdrop! 

Please contact for info about rates and packages.